My name is Jovana and Iʼm truly addicted to Anna og juicen juicekur. Iʼm someone that enjoys healthy lifestyle, daily exercise, has mostly vegan diet and someone who is always on the lookout for new and cool things when it comes to nutrition. Before discovering this true gem of a shop on Istedgade and the sweetest Anna, I tried other juice diets that are out there. Some were better than others but none of them felt as life changing as Anna og Juicen did. The first time I tried it I was in awe of how tasty every single juice was and couldnʼt decide which one I liked the best. I would find myself absolutely looking forward to my juice days and being so excited for every next juice to come. I did 5 days ones many times with some days of break in

between. Given how every time I did it my body was thriving on it, I decided to do it for 15 days straight. And as every time prior to this my body absolutely loved it.

I was waking up so fresh, with so much energy, clear mind and perfect digestion. I was exercising 2 times per day since my body had so much energy now when it didnʼt need to spend most of the energy on digesting. Also having digestion in place and not experiencing bloating or any other problems while on juicekur is something so easy to get addicted to. On top of all of these benefits, it was so nice knowing that I didnʼt need to worry about food since I already had that figured out which made my life even easier, and my body absolutely liked the consistency of getting some amazing vitamins and minerals daily. And if one is

wondering if I had to stay in and miss out on the social life, the answer is a big fat NO :)

I did everything, attended every social gathering and had just as much fun as I would usually have and besides all of that - bringing these colorful and super pretty juices along is a great conversation starter as well.

So if you are debating whether or not you should do it - believe me: challenge yourself and do it and your body and mind will thank you for it. I have my new round starting in a few days and it canʼt come soon enough.

Last but not the least I would like to thank Anna for giving me this unique opportunity to share my experience and my story.

Enjoy it and you are

welcome - JOVANA